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Load header of email next to body in "helper message"

By isedwinr @isedwinr
    2021-12-13 10:23:13.851Z


    I am currently working on a project where I extract fields from the subject line of an email message.
    The subject line doesn't load in the "Helper Message" box but I get around it by copying the subject text into the box itself.

    But in general it would be nice for try- and test purposes to be able to load the full message into the "helper message" box.
    By "full" I mean the Header, Body and among others the trace fields such as DMARC/SPF/DKIM result/IP addresses, etc



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    1. I
      isedwinr @isedwinr
        2022-07-26 10:51:33.307Z

        Hello again, (@liam )

        See my question from December 2021. The question is now opportune again due to an order from a government organization

        Are there any plans to have an option to load the full email including the "Message Headers" in the "Helper Message"?
        Now I can only load the message body, but I need the "Header" for DKIM/DMARC/SPF checks and reports, the message ID and also to use the subject of the email as the content.

        NB. I now open the .eml as a text file and then cut and paste it into the "Helper Message" but that is quite cumbersome.



        1. S
          In reply toisedwinr:
          Stephen Parker @stephenparker
            2022-07-31 10:52:36.947Z

            Hi Edwin,

            For Extracted Fields you specify the 'Extract Field From' - where you can specify any message field (or your own variables) including %Msg_Body%, %Msg_Subject%, %Msg_Headers% etc. Each set of Extract Field actions with different 'Extract Field From' have their own helper message.

            So for example, if you wanted a group of Extract Field's extracting from the %Msg_Subject% you would set your Helper Message on the first one - then any other Extract Field actions extracting from %Msg_Subject% would have the same helper message.

            So there is never a need to paste the full mime.

            What we can do however is if you use the 'Load External File' option in the helper message and select an EML file - it will automatically get the Subject, Body or Headers - based on what is currently selected in the 'Extract Field From' selector.


            1. Iisedwinr @isedwinr
                2022-08-19 09:19:38.145Z

                Hello Stephen,

                I'm not sure if we talk about the same here ;)

                What i mean is that I want to be able to load the complete message (including body, all headers, subject, etc) into the HELPER window to see if the Extract Field gets the data out right