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XML to Json Convertion

By Pedro G @pedrog
    2021-11-29 21:12:58.195Z


    There is an easy way to convert XML to Json? (from attached file) and then store the data into MongoDB.

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      Stephen Parker @stephenparker
        2021-11-30 09:23:09.305Z

        We have added Convert: XML To Json to the Set Variable and Text Operation actions. This will be in the next build.

        You can then use the converted variable in the Update MongoDB action.

        Many Thanks

        1. PPedro G @pedrog
            2021-11-30 12:46:21.520Z

            Thank you. When is it expected to release?

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            In reply topedrog:
            Pedro G @pedrog
              2021-12-17 19:23:45.210Z

              Hi @stephenparker , please, Could you inform if the next build that include XML to json convertion was already released?

              1. S
                In reply topedrog:
                Stephen Parker @stephenparker
                  2021-12-20 11:31:34.567Z

                  Hi.. Yes its in the 720 release. The Set variable and Text Operations actions now both have a Convert XML To Json option.