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Sending an email out from different email addresses

By Conor McGivern @conormcgivern
    2021-11-25 14:23:08.555Z

    Hi, I am trying to create an email that will go out to our clients as a reminder when an appointment is set up. Ideally I want this email to look like it has come from the user that they have been dealing with.

    Is there a way to has custom From email details? I previously had this set up in TA v4 using the "Send Via" option in the Send an Email Triggered Action but there doesnt seem to be a similar setting in V5


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      Liam @liam
        2021-11-26 11:04:58.560Z

        Hi Conor

        There isn't a "Send via" in TA5 at the moment, but I've raised this with the developers and they are going to get this added, in a release or two's time.