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TA5 if block not retaining 'OR' condition on copied automations or copied if blocks

By @hrad
    2021-11-17 20:20:09.536Z

    I have noticed this happening when I copy/paste IF Blocks and when I copy/paste automations.

    1. When my IF block has 'OR' condition, it is not showing as 'OR' (it is actually blank) when viewing the automation.
    2. When I click into the IF block to edit the condition, it is set to 'AND' and I have to switch it to 'OR'
      See screenshots attached.

    automations.png - The first IF block has no conditions in-between each other when it should be 'OR'
    edit if block.png - The conditions auto set to 'AND' when it should be 'OR'

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    1. Thomas Parker @mrtopkid
        2021-11-24 16:53:51.118Z

        Hi Hrad,

        This bug has been fixed, an updated build will be released soon.

        Let me know if you have any questions.



        1. Progress
          with handling this problem
        2. @mrtopkid marked this topic as Done 2021-11-24 16:54:05.756Z.