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From Email2db to ThinkAutomation

By @longa
    2021-10-11 10:01:25.527Z

    Hello, there's a way to migrate Accounts and Trigger I have in an old Email2DB version 3.3.1361 ?

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      Liam @liam
        2021-10-11 10:09:08.859Z

        Hi! Welcome to the TA forums

        Are you asking about moving from Email2DB 3.3 to TA5? Or to TA4?
        For Version 4, you can just update, it should import the accounts and triggers for you, as part of the set-up process. However, with any upgrade process, I'd recommend taking a full backup of Email2DBs installation, configuration files and databases.
        For Version 5, there is no upgrade route I'm afraid, even from TA4. TA5 is a brand new product that works in a different way from the older versions of ThinkAutomation and Email2DB. As such, you will need to recreate your configurations in TA5 manually.

        1. L@longa
            2021-10-11 10:11:15.308Z

            Thank you Liam. I have about 50 Accounts, many more triggers and a big problem with deprecated TLS 1.0, so I have to find a quick solution.
            Is TA4 mantained or is a dead project?

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            Benjamin @AutoBen
              2021-10-12 16:14:55.475Z

              Hi @longa unfortunately ThinkAutomation 4 is now a legacy product and no longer available. All the functionality that you require is available within version 5. ThinkAutomation 5 can be installed side by side Email2DB given that you are using a currently supported Windows OS. Once installed you can carry our Side by Side migration. I've also popped you an email if you would like to discuss your migration in a little more detail.

              1. A@AutoBen closed this topic 2021-10-12 16:15:08.276Z.