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ThinkAutomation5 - Writing files to network share

By Robert Stinnett @robertstinnett
    2021-10-08 14:27:17.682Z

    We have the TA5 services ALL running as a AD account with network access, but we cannot get any attachments or files to write to network shares. Is there documentation somewhere on how to achieve this? It is very important to us that we be able to write things out to the network and not just the local server.

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      Stephen Parker @stephenparker
        2021-10-08 14:46:44.722Z

        Hi Robert,

        By default the ThinkAutomation Message Processor service runs under the local SYSTEM account - which wont have access to any network resources. You need to configure the service to run under a user that does have access.



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          In reply torobertstinnett:
          Stephen Parker @stephenparker
            2021-10-08 14:49:29.530Z

            Also - you will need to reference network paths as UNC paths - not shared drive letters as mapped drives may not be available to a service.