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Not connecting - Why this is happening

By Dilana Weerasingha @dilana
    2021-10-06 16:54:03.931Z
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    1. L
      Liam @liam
        2021-10-07 06:49:52.876Z

        Hi Dilana

        • Is this your first time installing ThinkAutomation onto this machine, or is this an issue that just started to occur in an existing installation?
        • If the latter, has something changed on this machine, any TA updates, windows updates or any other software changes?
        • What version of ThinkAutomation have you installed?
        • What operating system is this installed onto?
        • If you launch the ThinkAutomation server configuration manager, can you start the services in here, do they remain started or do they automatically stop after a minute or two?

        Without knowing the full story, my first thought would be to re-download from our website and re-install.

        1. DDilana Weerasingha @dilana
            2021-10-07 16:42:30.057Z

            Hello Liam
            Thanks for your atention..
            This issue is happening to an existing installation. previously it worked very smoothly. suddenly happened this. sometimes after restarting the services it's working but not for a long period.

            1. LLiam @liam
                2021-10-08 06:38:19.131Z

                Hi Dilana
                Are you able to answer my other questions?
                In addition, if this works for a bit then stops, please check Windows Event Viewer logs for any errors around the time that it stops.