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How to Update a Google sheet

By isedwinr @isedwinr
    2021-09-30 08:48:51.675Z


    I'm trying to insert new rows ( eg "records" ) into a Google Sheet via a (CDATA) ODBC Google Sheet DSN, but I keep on getting a "ERROR [HYC00] Optional feature not implemented From UpdateDatabase (Error)"
    I Can't find out if this is a system, ThinkAutomation, ODBC or (CDATA) driver problem...

    Any better idea to Update a Google sheet or a solution to this problem?


    Solved in post #16, click to view
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    1. L
      Liam @liam_dobbs
        2021-10-01 13:35:41.414Z

        Hi, Edwin, could you send me your trigger actions please then I can look furtherly into this.
        Thanks :)

        1. Iisedwinr @isedwinr
            2021-10-05 15:59:15.784Z

            Hi,. thx! I forgot to press "post reply" ...

            See attached. I simplified it as you can see ;)

            The ODBC connector I use is this one from CDATA



            1. In reply toliam_dobbs:
              Iisedwinr @isedwinr
                2021-10-20 15:59:13.604Z

                Hello Liam,
                Just a friendly reminder/update request.
                Are you still working on this?



                1. LLiam @liam_dobbs
                    2021-11-15 09:38:11.627Z

                    Hello Edwin,

                    Apologies for the late response, could you try sending the attachment again as it isn't displaying on my end.

                    Kind regards Liam :)

                    1. Iisedwinr @isedwinr
                        2021-11-18 16:38:33.563Z

                        Hello Liam, Here it is. it is just a one line where I update the database via the (CDATA, Google Sheets driver) ODBC

                        1. Iisedwinr @isedwinr
                            2021-11-18 16:39:12.471Z

                            I cant add a attachment. Can I send it to you in another way?

                            1. Iisedwinr @isedwinr
                                2021-11-19 08:05:06.703Z
                                1. LLiam @liam_dobbs
                                    2021-11-23 18:46:10.286Z

                                    Thank you Edwin :)

                        2. In reply toisedwinr:
                          Thomas Parker @mrtopkid
                            2021-12-10 12:13:44.405Z

                            Hi Edwin,

                            Apologies for the wait on this one. Have you made any progress since the last correspondence?

                            Can you tell me what documentation you followed? I'll attempt to test this myself

                            1. In reply toisedwinr:
                              Thomas Parker @mrtopkid
                                2021-12-10 12:15:38.608Z

                                Hi Edwin,

                                Furthermore, you could try using Google's official API here:

                                Whether this would work for your case I'm not sure I'm afraid, but it's an additional option nonetheless

                                1. L
                                  In reply toisedwinr:
                                  Liam @liam
                                    2021-12-10 14:28:05.053Z

                                    Hi Edwin

                                    I've tried to use the CData ODBC driver and got as far as you.
                                    I can select data fine but when trying to insert I get the same error.
                                    Have you reached out to CData?
                                    As I'm only using the trial I'm wondering if this is the limitation of the trial, since the error is quite specific in saying "feature not implemented"

                                    1. Iisedwinr @isedwinr
                                        2021-12-12 07:11:33.067Z

                                        Hi Thomas,

                                        In response to your first post: no problem, I was also busy with other things. Now back in full swing with TA!

                                        I followed the basic procedure mentioned in the docs here:
                                        and then specifically for ODBC this

                                        I haven't had any contact with CDATA yet, I first want to rule out whether it could have anything to do with authorization or something like that. "HYC00" does not appear to be a CDATA, but an ODBC/SQL error. See here:

                                        As for the API, if I had enough knowledge I might use it, but ODBC is a bit more accessible for a Low-Coder like me ;) . In addition, I use CDATA for many other links and synchronization. Important for me is the maintenance and therefore also the updates of the drivers. I don't want to have to do maintenance on APIs.

                                        In addition to the ODBC drivers, there are also many other developer integrations mentioned. Is there something better/more universal for TA integration?
                               developer integrations
                                        If so, then I am willing to invest in it.


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                                        In reply toisedwinr:
                                        Conor McGivern @conormcgivern
                                          2022-08-31 14:09:34.068Z

                                          HI - i am having a similar issue with trying to link up TA with Google Sheets. Wondering if there is any update on a Custom Action?

                                          1. Iisedwinr @isedwinr
                                              2022-08-31 14:13:45.735Z

                                              Hi Conor,

                                              It now works for me via a CDATA/ODBC driver.

                                              Maybe I can help you, what is the situation you ran into?


                                              1. CConor McGivern @conormcgivern
                                                  2022-08-31 14:30:49.293Z

                                                  sounds promising - although i have not used a CDATA/ODBC driver before. Essentially we currently receive webleads via email. I have used TA to extract the name & contact details and update our database. I also want to update a google sheet with the name and telephone number if possible.

                                                  1. Iisedwinr @isedwinr
                                                      2022-09-01 05:29:31.844Z

                                                      OK, you can also do that with a simple Zap. It's not high-end but it works fine for most situations

                                                      First activate a Email -to-Sheets or POST request to Zapier via TA and then use this:

                                                      I'm working on a automation with Sheets directly, if I found out I will post the method.

                                                • Progress
                                                • I
                                                  isedwinr @isedwinr
                                                    2022-04-02 11:21:54.104Z

                                                    Is there any news oor progress on this @liam

                                                    1. L
                                                      Liam @liam
                                                        2022-04-04 08:36:23.433Zreplies toisedwinr:

                                                        Hi Edwin

                                                        Apologies, I missed your response in December, I don't have anything really for this currently.
                                                        The developers will look into making a custom action for Google Sheets but this isn't likely to be available anytime soon.

                                                        For your issue with the CData driver, I'd probably reach out to CData, as I can only get a trial version it isn't something I can test completely but the error looks more like an issue with the CData driver, "feature not implemented".

                                                        1. I
                                                          isedwinr @isedwinr
                                                            2022-04-05 11:57:47.129Zreplies toliam:

                                                            Hello Liam,

                                                            No problem at all, I will contact CDATA

                                                            Thanks anyway!