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How to Update a Google sheet

By Edwin Rooijakkers @isedwinr
    2021-09-30 08:48:51.675Z


    I'm trying to insert new rows ( eg "records" ) into a Google Sheet via a (CDATA) ODBC Google Sheet DSN, but I keep on getting a "ERROR [HYC00] Optional feature not implemented From UpdateDatabase (Error)"
    I Can't find out if this is a system, ThinkAutomation, ODBC or (CDATA) driver problem...

    Any better idea to Update a Google sheet or a solution to this problem?


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    1. L
      Liam @liam_dobbs
        2021-10-01 13:35:41.414Z

        Hi, Edwin, could you send me your trigger actions please then I can look furtherly into this.
        Thanks :)

        1. IEdwin Rooijakkers @isedwinr
            2021-10-05 15:59:15.784Z

            Hi,. thx! I forgot to press "post reply" ...

            See attached. I simplified it as you can see ;)

            The ODBC connector I use is this one from CDATA