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Create backup of Automations Library

By Mark Carpenter @mark.carpenter
    2021-08-15 16:41:44.819Z

    I have used save a package, but this saves a solution.

    Does this also save the Automations Library?
    If so, does it save a copy of all of the Automations in the library or only the ones used?
    If it does not save a copy of all of the Automation Library, how would one accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance for these answers, it will help thinking through the library control/backup strategy.


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      Liam @liam
        2021-08-17 19:47:41.074Z

        Hi Mark

        The save a package will save all message sources and automations.
        To save the automation library:
        You need to back up the library.db file from the Thinkautomation settings path, which by default will be programData\Parker software\ThinkAutomaiton.NET\