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Object reference not set to an instance of an object error

By Liam @liam_dobbs
    2021-07-23 10:18:40.754Z

    I have one data source that is throwing the error

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object. From GetMime

    Which pauses the process queue whenever it happens

    Can you help me understand what might be causing the error, and where to look to fix it?

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    1. F
        2021-07-25 10:33:26.604Z

        HI Liam

        I have a similar Issue. The Message Source keeps getting paused due to this. I have added "OnError" in the automation but it looks like its the message source throwing the error before the automation is run.

        I believe this is a bug in TA. I'm running 5.0.617.2.

        Unfortunately the only support available is from community and there are hardly any people here

        1. K
          In reply toliam_dobbs:
            2021-07-26 08:30:18.375Z

            'Community support' is something of a cop-out for a closed source product
            Liam entered the initial report on my behalf, he is one of the support team. I also have version 5.0.617.2, and I am still doing a POC of a migration from an older email2db install - the older product of theirs which was rock solid.

            The error seems unpredictable, and if I turn the source back on, the messages seem to be processed correctly the second time. I have just turned off the 'pause on error' setting for the source and added an 'on error' block to the automation with the retry option & email a report set up to see if I can trap some more information.

            1. L
              In reply toliam_dobbs:
              Liam @liam
                2021-07-26 09:28:15.701Z

                Hi both

                Please can you email your PSL.LOG file to
                Please include a link to this post in the email, to ensure all our team know what the files are in relation to.

                To get the PSL.LOG file please open up ThinkAutomation Studio, go to File and then towards the bottom of the window you will see a value for "Data path" and to the right of that an "open" button, click this to open the data path and the PSL.LOG should be in here.
                The default path is: C:\ProgramData\Parker Software\ThinkAutomation.NET

                I look forward to hearing from you.

                1. F@fredfrag
                    2021-07-26 09:39:57.353Z

                    Hi Liam
                    at the weekend I have changed the mail source from exchange to O365 and I have not had any errors yet. I will leave it a few days to see if any getMime errors occur

                    1. In reply toliam:
                        2021-07-30 15:23:15.495Z

                        Hi Liam

                        I have gone 6 days without an error after changing to O365

                      • K
                        In reply toliam_dobbs:
                          2021-07-26 12:17:26.127Z

                          PSL.log sent

                          1. F@fredfrag
                              2021-07-26 13:15:47.633Z

                              Hi Kevin, are you using an exchange mail source ?

                              1. K@kevinlawry
                                  2021-07-26 13:30:54.467Z

                                  I am - our 365 migration is still a couple of months away

                                  1. F@fredfrag
                                      2021-07-26 14:48:08.810Z

                                      I still havent had an error since changing to O365. Have you tried POP or IMAP ?