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SharePoint Integration with ThinkAutomation Studio

By Ollie A @olliea
    2021-07-20 12:24:12.020Z

    As of this moment, ThinkAutomation Studio does not currently include any features relating to SharePoint.
    This is/was a feature of ThinkAutomation 4, but due to the new architecture of ThinkAutomation Studio it has not currently been implemented.

    That said, we are still planning to re-introduce this feature to ThinkAutomation Studio, although at present there is no timeline for this.
    It has been raised with our Development team and is in the pipeline, so if you are looking to use this feature please do let us know and we can pass on your interest.

    In the meantime, if you have any further questions regarding SharePoint, please comment on this post and we will do our best to help.

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      Mike Pittinger @mpittinger
        2021-07-20 12:28:29.546Z

        We are very much interested in making use of this feature in ThinkAutomation Studio. Would be happy to provide use case scenarios to the development team if that would help in any way.

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          with doing this idea
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