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SharePoint Integration with ThinkAutomation Studio

As of this moment, ThinkAutomation Studio does not currently include any features relating to SharePoint.
This is/was a feature of ThinkAutomation 4, but due to the new architecture of ThinkAutomation Studio it has not currently been implemented.

That said, we are still planning to re-introduce this feature to ThinkAutomation Studio, although at present there is no timeline for this.
It has been raised with our Development team and is in the pipeline, so if you are looking to use this feature please do let us know and we can pass on your interest.

In the meantime, if you have any further questions regarding SharePoint, please comment on this post and we will do our best to help.

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  1. M
    Mike Pittinger @mpittinger
      2021-07-20 12:28:29.546Z

      We are very much interested in making use of this feature in ThinkAutomation Studio. Would be happy to provide use case scenarios to the development team if that would help in any way.

      1. A
        In reply toolliea:
        Benjamin @AutoBen
          2022-03-08 14:04:59.355Z

          If you mosey on over to here -

          and search for SharePoint you’ll spot these three custom actions;

          As you have probably noticed, ThinkAutomation 5 has come on leaps and bounds since version 4. One of the new features that we have added is the Custom Actions Library. Think of this as the Google Play Store for additional actions that can be downloaded and added to your drag and drop action tray at no extra cost.

          To add a custom action;
          • Login to the ThinkAutomation Studio
          • Click the Custom Actions tab on the top ribbon bar
          • Click on the Explore Online LIbabry button on the ribbon bar
          • Search for the required custom action
          • Select the action and click Install on the lower-left of the detail pane.
          • Your newly installed custom action is now available within your drag and drop action tray

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          1. MMike Pittinger @mpittinger
              2022-05-19 16:36:42.865Z

              Thanks for the update! Unfortunately, when I try to follow the instructions to add a custom action, I'm getting the attached error. Any thoughts/suggestions?

              1. BThomas Weiß @barthmetall
                  2022-06-14 08:01:09.902Z

                  Hi Mike,
                  you need to open Port 10255 on your Firewall to the IP


                  1. MMike Pittinger @mpittinger
                      2022-06-14 17:40:50.339Z

                      Hi Thomas-

                      We have TA Studio installed on a Windows 10 machine, and I have opened Port 10255 to IP through the firewall. Using a port tester, it seems to be accessible (see attached image), but I'm still getting the same error when trying to access the "Explore Custom Actions" portal - and I'm also not getting the "Parker Software News" panel to display in TA Studio. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help!

                      1. SStephen Parker @stephenparker
                          2022-06-15 05:57:09.881Z

                          Are you using a proxy server?

                          1. MMike Pittinger @mpittinger
                              2022-06-24 20:12:49.489Z

                              Hello, gentlemen-

                              Just wanted to follow-up and let you know that we opened the port on our proxy server's firewall, and everything is working great! Thanks, so much, for your help!


                            • In reply tompittinger:
                              BThomas Weiß @barthmetall
                                2022-06-15 07:19:48.565Z

                                Hi Mike
                                is the Windows 10 machine also the Server or just a TA Studioclient ?

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