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Helper message disappearing

This issue is from a customer, I have adapted the below from their initial query:

The customer is having an issue with non-JSON helper messages.
From their observation, this seems to happen after the automation begins including JSON actions with JSON helper messages, but it's not certain.

Essentially, any helper message entered into an Extract Field when attempting to Find & Extract, gets removed and replaced with {}

As an example:

Copying the email body (it seems as though ThinkAutomation Studio adds line breaks where there really is none but that’s a different issue)

Your E-mail address

Your Name

Generator Make

Duro Max

Model or Wattage



When pasting it into the Helper Message it looks like it is inserted correctly.
However, ThinkAutomation almost immediately turns it into {}
It doesn’t matter if you click Okay and reopen the action, or save & close the automation and reopen, then open, the action, the {} are still there and it is not possible to return to the helper message

Pasting the helper message over the {}’s and also pasting between the {}’s does not seem to work either.

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