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Reordering For...Next Loops

By Mark Carpenter @mark.carpenter
    2021-07-17 13:37:52.883Z

    Having an issue with reordering lines in and around For..Next loops. The line numbers seem to be ok, but the display does not list the code in line number format. In the example, I was moving AdditionalCandidate = Call.. from above the For (line 30) to right after the For. Note the line assigned to AdditionalCandidate is correct (31) but the display is out of order. I have to save/close and reopen the automation to correct the display.

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      Liam @liam_dobbs
        2021-07-21 14:57:50.564Z

        Hello Mark, this appears to be a bug I have raised this to the devs, I'll give you an update on this when we have one :)