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C# reference loading error

By Mark Carpenter @mark.carpenter
    2021-07-13 11:52:03.595Z

    This is an obscure usage case that results in a library couldn't load pop up message:

    • Add Execute Script
    • Add references (I'm adding Newtonsoft)
    • Do not save script, just cancel out
    • Add Execute Script
    • Add same reference again
    • On my system this results in a pop-up error message

    In order to clear the issue, I have to logout of TA Studio and log back in

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      Stephen Parker @stephenparker
        2021-07-14 06:30:27.269Z

        Hi Mark,

        I'll look into this.. Its because newtonsoft is already referenced by TA itself.

        Note - the next TA update includes the option of adding NuGet packages to scripts.