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Microsoft Team Action

By @fredfrag
    2021-06-29 14:28:25.580Z

    I have an automation Which monitors a Teams Channel.

    It is working however every time the Teams chat references the automation it always displays “Sorry, there was a problem encountered with your request” Before displaying the data returned by TA

    From some research the 2 possible reasons are

    1. TA returning a 204 instead of 200
    2. TA returning incorrect JSON

    Can you advise if this is a known error ?

    Many thanks in advance

    Solved in post #13, click to view
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    1. L
      Liam @liam
        2021-06-30 13:43:48.011Z

        Can you save your solution to a package file and send over to our support desk please?
        We can then review the automation to get a better understanding of what is going on

        1. F@fredfrag
            2021-06-30 16:35:58.255Z

            I have sent this over

          • L
            In reply tofredfrag:
            Liam @liam
              2021-07-02 13:55:43.206Z

              Do you continue to get the error when you restart the services?
              Speaking to some of my colleagues here, they also received the same error but it was resolved after restarting the services.

              1. L
                In reply tofredfrag:
                Liam @liam
                  2021-07-26 09:33:47.146Z

                  Hi Fred

                  I assume the restart did not resolve the issue for you? Or did it resolve it temporarily?

                  1. F@fredfrag
                      2021-07-26 09:37:32.527Z

                      No it made no difference

                      1. LLiam @liam
                          2021-07-26 09:40:07.385Z

                          There is a newer build, 636. If you could update to this one and then let me know if you still have the issue.
                          I will need to present it to the developers again.

                          1. F@fredfrag
                              2021-07-26 09:42:29.435Z

                              No update to 636 is showing

                              1. LLiam @liam
                                  2021-07-26 09:46:27.321Z

                                  That's my mistake 636 is a preview build.

                                  1. F@fredfrag
                                      2021-07-26 09:56:53.767Z

                                      I enabled pre-release and upgraded.

                                      The error still occurs

                                      1. LLiam @liam
                                          2021-07-26 10:21:20.954Z

                                          Hi fred

                                          Can you make a new Teams message source, and create a new automation as part of that and then leave the automation as it is on creation and try it again?

                                          I tested your configuration and I got the same issue as you, but when I made a new one, with just the default trigger setup, it works fine.
                                          top is with your automation
                                          bottom is with a new account and the default automation

                                          1. F@fredfrag
                                              2021-07-26 13:14:54.097Z

                                              Looking at the example I was sending a message rather than using a return
                                              Thanks for your help on this one

                                • Progress
                                • F
                                    2021-07-02 12:44:55.666Z

                                    Any update on this please ?

                                    1. F
                                        2021-07-25 10:36:31.013Zreplies tofredfrag:

                                        Any update on this please ?