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Concurrent processing

By @readar
    2021-06-21 15:46:38.665Z

    Can you elaborate on how TA5 will control the amount of concurrent processing of messages. In our environment, we may see a thousand or so messages pop into a mailbox (not the norm but can happen when related systems go offline for a bit and then catch back up). If an external process is fired acting on each message (related to the attachment in our case), how would TA5 handle that? Assuming this external process would consume high processing resources, but not from TA5 processes directly, what would the throttling look like?

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    1. R
        2021-06-21 18:46:15.952Z

        I went ahead and did some testing and it seems only 2 current processes ever ran at once which aligns with the 2 virtual processors on the machine TA5 is running on, so that's good, nothing will get overloaded. All of the messages were removed from the mailbox at the start and queued up somewhere, can I ask where do the messages get queued up?

        1. S
          In reply toreadar:
          Stephen Parker @stephenparker
            2021-07-26 10:32:23.656Z

            Messages are queued by the ThinkAutomation Server itself. The queue is persisted to disk and it keeps recent in memory. The number of messages queued in memory depends on the available memory on the machine (TA will only use a % of available memory). The message processor service then requests new messages to process from the server.