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By @readar
    2021-06-18 20:27:11.181Z

    With the Send Email function, it seems that if you put valid html in as part of the body (%msg%), that portion does not get interpreted as part of the html as is seen as plain text. Just adding the variable seems to work, but it shows errors.

    Also, how do you know what type of email (plain text/html) is going to be sent? There doesn't seem to be a selection for this.

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    1. L
      Liam @liam
        2021-06-21 07:19:56.557Z


        Could you expand a little more on the issue please, I'm not quite understanding the problem?
        What is the content of %msg%?

        In terms of what type of email is sent, TA will send an email based on the parts you fill.
        If you only fill in the HTML tab, then it will send just an HTML email.
        If you only fill in the Message tab, it will only send a plain text email.
        However, according to email standards, you should include both HTML and plain text parts in emails (so you should apply content to both the HTML and Message tabs), this is to allow maximum compatibility with all possible recipients of an email.

        1. S
          In reply toreadar:
          Stephen Parker @stephenparker
            2021-06-21 09:08:11.110Z


            Liam is correct on this - emails can contain plaintext and html portions - its then up to the recipients client software which one it renders.

            If you use a field replacement for the HTML - then you can ignore the error.

            On a side note. In TA5 if you use Markdown in the plain text - and dont alter the html part (or the html is blank), then TA will automatically create the HTML from the markdown.


            1. R
              In reply toreadar:
                2021-06-21 14:20:26.479Z

                The table html is displayed properly when I remove all the default html that is placed in the body.

                1. R
                  In reply toreadar:
                    2021-06-21 14:22:02.707Z

                    I get raw html when I use the default html and place the variable in the body.