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TA5 DB2 Connection Issue

By Thomas Parker @mrtopkid
    2021-06-17 15:38:30.772Z

    Customer mentions that when attempting to use any DB lookup actions on a DB2 DB, they get the following error:

    Customer also confirmed that they had the DB2 runtime client installed

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    1. M
        2022-05-06 21:32:21.392Z

        I am also having this same issue. Any progress on this?

        1. S
          In reply tomrtopkid:
          Stephen Parker @stephenparker
            2022-05-10 14:57:07.630Z

            This seems to be an issue with the IBM client. Try reinstalling the latest IBM Data Server Runtime Client. The IBM.Data.DB2.dll IBM DB2 .NET Data Provider library must be in the global path or copied to the ThinkAutomation program files folder.