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ThinkAutomation 5 c# reference error

By Thomas Parker @mrtopkid
    2021-06-17 15:31:12.353Z

    The following message shows when attempting to reference a .net dll. Customer mentions that they're able to add the reference, however it seems to happen fairly frequently.

    Will add more info as appropriate

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      Stephen Parker @stephenparker
        2021-07-26 10:25:48.006Z

        This happens when attempting to reference a dll outside of the ThinkAutomation program files folder. Starting with build 635 you can now use NuGet packages in scripts/custom actions. The dependency dlls are installed in their own folder in ProgramData. If you cannot use a Nuget Package and want to reference your own DLL then it needs to be copied to the ProgramFiles\ThinkAutomation folder prior to adding the reference.