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TA4 equivalent of Snippets in TA5

By @stephendinh
    2021-06-13 19:47:53.506Z

    We utilize snippets to process attachments in TA4. With TA5 the closest thing would be the "Call Automation" action which seems more along the lines of sending to another trigger. The problem with that is we can only send one variable over from the the first automation. How do we go about getting variables created in the first automation persist in the second called automation?

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      Liam @liam
        2021-06-18 10:19:54.938Z


        Call automation is the closest relation to the snippets from TA4
        As you've noticed you can't send the exact variables over to the next automation.
        You'd have to send the variable values over and then re-extract them in the next automation.
        The best way to do this is to first assign all extracted fields to a variable, then send this to the called automation