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TA V5 Linking to MS Access Database

By Dave Talbot @Bluesunbeam
    2021-06-11 08:18:01.565Z

    I am having problems linking TA5 to MS Access.

    I have set up an ODBC DSN as follows:

    In TA V5 I set up an 'Update Database' action configured to use ODBC and confirmed it is working:

    When I try to run the Automation I get the following error:

    Which contradicts the confirmation I had when configuring the ODBC link.

    When I go back and re-test the ODBC link despite having mad no changes since the previous test I get:

    As an alternative, how do I configure the MS Access 'Connect to Database' option:

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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      Benjamin @AutoBen
        2021-06-14 15:03:35.277Z

        Hi Dave,

        We've updated the GUI to reflect how MS Access is connected to. If you update to the latest version of ThinkAutomation 5 then you will notice the Connect to MS Access dialogue is now tailored to how it's intended to be used.

        If you have not done so already please ensure you also install the Access Engine 32bit that is linked to within the dialog box.

        Kind regards,

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