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In TA V5 how do you clear the logs/extend the logging detail level?

By Dave Talbot @Bluesunbeam
    2021-06-11 07:34:55.123Z

    In TA V4 it was easy to clear the logs and you could also turn on enhanced logging which does not seem to be possible in TA V5. Is this still possible?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Ollie A @olliea2021-06-11 07:53:18.462Z2021-06-11 07:59:37.545Z

      Hello Dave,

      For logging, there is debug logging which may be enabled when needed (although I would recommend not leaving it enabled) via the Logging tab, as here:

      You will also see the option to clear the current server log. This will clear the log from all three tabs (Server, Message Source, and Automation Process log) so keep that in mind.

      1. In reply toBluesunbeam:
        Daniel Tallentire @danielt
          2021-06-11 08:16:09.019Z

          In addition to @olliea 's answer there is also an action "Set Logging Level" which allows you to set the logging level for the duration of the current automation, or for a set of steps.

          This is really useful if you have a particular problem with one automation, or even to enable it conditionally for something that has errored out.

          1. BDave Talbot @Bluesunbeam
              2021-06-11 08:25:57.778Z

              Now thats VERY nice! Thank you.