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By @fredfrag
    2021-06-03 15:49:45.952Z


    I am in the middle of migrating to version 5 and am having a few issues. The current headache is that the built in message variable %Msg_FromName% is not working when it works on the same email being processed on version 4

    any ideas very welcome


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    1. S
      Stephen Parker @stephenparker
        2021-06-03 16:04:02.767Z

        Hi Paul.

        This is now fixed in ver 605. Please use the Check For Updates option to apply the latest version.

        Many Thanks

        1. F@fredfrag
            2021-06-03 16:44:53.583Z

            Hi Stephen

            I did an update to 604 about 2 hours ago which was the latest at that time.

            Updating to 605 fixed that issue

            The next issue is with date format. I am setting to SQL format yyyy-mm-dd
            When it sends to the SPROC its change to dd/mm/yyyy

            1. SStephen Parker @stephenparker
                2021-06-04 06:13:08.157Z

                The log will show the parameter value after conversion - so if the parameter type is 'date'/'datetime' it will show in the log in date format - not string.

                So if your @StartDate parameter type is set to Date it will be converted from a string held in the TA variable to a date.

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