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Error creating a message source with Office 365

By @stephendinh
    2021-05-21 21:27:02.766Z

    After getting graph groups approved we are getting the following OAuthSignIn.TokenReceived error when trying to log into the account.

    Solved in post #4, click to view
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    1. L
      Liam @liam
        2021-05-24 14:54:49.016Z

        Hi Stephen

        What build of TA5 do you have installed?
        Did you also send the report to us using the "yes" button?

        1. S@stephendinh
            2021-05-24 17:25:21.878Z

            Hello Liam, yes I did hit the send this error. My server version is 5.0.593.2 and studio version is 5.0.698.2.

            1. LLiam @liam
                2021-05-25 07:48:23.323Z

                The Office365 connection failed. Can you confirm the right user has been used when logging in?
                The scopes that TA requests against the user are
                User.Read Mail.ReadWrite Mail.ReadWrite.Shared offline_access
                Can you check the user that you used also has these scopes against them?

                1. S@stephendinh
                    2021-05-25 16:10:18.145Z

                    Ah, ok. I didn't realize TA5 has a different application ID compared to TA4. We are able to connect now once all the user accounts had been added and permissioned.