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HTTP POST with an Array

By Mark Carpenter @mark.carpenter2021-05-07 20:33:02.458Z

Any examples of HTTP POST action where the JSON passed to the API includes an array? Per JSON structure it should be [ {"key":"Value"}, ...] but perhaps I'm not sure how to indicate the array field name in the HTTP POST request. I've also tried providing the individual array elements as the Parameters describe, but to no avail. All non array parameters work fine. thanks! Mark

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    Benjamin @AutoBen2021-05-11 21:11:47.925Z

    Hi Mark, could show us what the output is when the %Exempt_regions% variable is written to a text file?

    1. MMark Carpenter @mark.carpenter2021-05-11 21:35:31.227Z

      Hi Ben,
      Two API calls in the attached "TA debug.tx" file. The first is an HTTP Get to be sure the customer does not already exist, so expecting a 404 return. Then the second is the HTTP Post with the return code 406. For each call there is an explanatory line followed by the return code, return values and return headers. For the HTTP Post, the %Exempt_regions% is below the return header. I have also uploaded to code snippet for context.

      TA debug.txt (3.85 KiB)

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      In reply tomark.carpenter:
      Benjamin @AutoBen2021-05-11 22:32:22.949Z

      The variable in the HTTP Post action %Exempt_regions%, can you just write this to the text file? I'm curious to see what is being held in the variable as this is what should contain your array, am I correct?

      1. MMark Carpenter @mark.carpenter2021-05-12 15:34:57.806Z

        Here you go. I used line terminator "NONE"

        TA debug.txt (768 B)

        1. MMark Carpenter @mark.carpenter2021-05-12 15:45:30.295Z

          Note that the file has a %Exempt_regions% dump for each of two passes.

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        In reply tomark.carpenter:
        Stephen Parker @stephenparker2021-05-17 09:46:02.800Z

        Is the API expecting Json? If so - it would be a Json post - not a regular POST (a regular POST sends as application/x-www-form-urlencoded).

        1. MMark Carpenter @mark.carpenter2021-05-17 12:51:29.921Z

          Might be onto something. Changing to a JSON POST resulted in a bad parameter format error 400 instead of a not acceptable request 406 error. I have a session scheduled tomorrow morning and we'll see if we can put a nail in this once and for all. Also, I notice there is an HTTP Delete option and will put that to use as well.

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          Mark Carpenter @mark.carpenter2021-05-18 15:07:50.094Z

          This issue has been resolved. The JSON array was formatted properly but there was a syntax error passing the value across the api - no double quotes around the %variable% holding the JSON array did the trick.