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Twilio Integration - Text Status Failing

By @enum
    2021-04-15 20:10:36.458Z

    Sending Twilio texts is working great. So is the status if the messages fail to send. However, when messages are sent successfully the automation freezes. The automation does not give any output messages and does not crash after a certain amount of time, it just freezes. None of the actions in the automation after sending the text are occurring, I am assuming because it is frozen waiting for the status of the text from Twilio which will never come.

    Twilio is giving me some clues as to why this is happening. Twilio says it is sending an HTTP Post to with a status of delivered. This is clearly not any local server that we are running with our automation database or console. I would guess that ThinkAutomation is then attempting to send the status back to my automation.

    I talked to someone at Parker Software who suggested I set the Twilio callback URL, but as far as I can tell that is used only for receiving texts There is also a URL for primary handler failing as pictured but I dont know what URL I would use for that.

    If the status is working for anyone in TA5, could you tell me how TA is forwarding the status? This may be a firewall issue. Otherwise, it may be an issue of callback/hook that I need to set that I do not know about

    here is my setup for the text message

    Thank you for the help!

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    1. L
      Liam @liam
        2021-04-16 15:28:48.104Z

        Can you try setting up a web form action and processing something with that message source, please?
        This will let us know whether your Thinkautomation can talk to the required web services for the Twilio actions to work.
        Like the below
        You will have a URL available at the bottom which you can copy and paste into your web browser, this will then give you a web form where you can submit a message to your ThinkAutomation for processing.
        Then just check your message store to see if that message has been processed. Also, let us know when this has been done and we can check whether the necessary connections were made correctly.

        1. E
          In reply toenum:
            2021-04-16 15:54:41.411Z2021-04-19 15:17:26.041Z

            @liam ,

            I set up the test web form message source, connected it to an automation and sent a message to it. TA received the message and ran the automation.

            1. LLiam @liam
                2021-04-19 20:34:12.785Z

                The developers found an issue with the service that handles the Twilio sending. They resolved this and it should be working for you now.