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TA5 : creating MSG and EML files

By David @Unica
    2021-04-14 19:14:35.135Z

    In the previous version of ThinkAutomation it was possible to create a MSG file including the attachment. Would it be possible to implement the same functionality in TA5? An EML file has my preference.

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    1. Thomas Parker @mrtopkid
        2021-04-15 08:42:37.274Z

        Hi David,

        There isn't a dedicated trigger action for this. However this is still possible in one of two ways:

        1. Create your own custom action (though this is the more advanced route since it requires VB / C#). Alternatively we may add this in as a custom action in the future.

        2. See here: . With the send email action, you can set a variable by enabling the 'Dont send email just assign Mime text' option.
          You'd then set the variable by using the 'Assign mime text to'. This will populate the variable. You'd then just need to pass this over to a 'Write Text file' action to save it.

        Let me know if you have any questions.


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          Liam @liam
            2021-04-15 08:50:24.541Z2021-11-09 10:32:07.614Z

            I don't believe there is a way to get an MSG file in TA5. The alternative would be to manually make an EML using the Read/Write Text File action, setting it up like so should work

            edit: msg_mime includes the headers so there is no need to use the original format of msg_headers and msg_mime together

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              David @Unica
                2021-04-15 14:00:29.577Z

                Thanks guys. This seems to work fine. Also the attachments are included in the new EML file