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5.0.899 - 25th November 2022

By Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
    2022-11-25 16:53:19.421Z


    • Fix: Fixed issue with POP3 message source not downloading new messages when Delete Processed Messages not enabled.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with Read JSON Document action not unescaping extracted paths.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with Failover Server node configuration showing unauthorized error when verifying the connection to the main server.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with Update Json action not deleting specific array items when Remove Paths used.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with Automation editor showing 'Missing Variable' warning message on Database Lookup actions where a hard-coded LIKE value was used instead of a parameter (eg: SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Col LIKE '%somevalue%').


    • Improvement: Improved handling of invalid incoming email mime text where attachments had duplicate Content-ID header values.
    • Improvement: You can now enable the Message Source Auto Pause option separately for message source and automation errors. You can also enable Send Notification On Message Source Errors separately from the Auto Pause option (previously these options were combined).
    • Improvement: Added Recalculate option to Update Excel File action. This option will ensure all formulas are recalculated after the update. A Password entry has also been added (for opening password protected Excel files).


    • Changed: Update A Database action name changed to Update A Database Using Extracted Fields. Moved Json actions into their own 'Json' group.
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