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Trigger Actions Disappeared

By kyle farr @farrk01
    2022-11-19 12:12:55.499Z

    We are using TA 4.3 and after a server reboot, all our accounts using O365 authentication have lost the actions within their triggers.

    We have restored the server from a backup from over a week ago, including data when it was in a fully working state and the issue still persists.

    Accounts that were using legacy exchange authentication were not affected for some reason.

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      Liam @liam_dobbs
        2022-11-21 13:11:31.765Z

        Hi Kyle, I see your trigger actions have disappeared after restoring your server, so we can try and get them retrieved for you can you follow these steps, please?

        -Log into ThinkAutomation Administrator
        -Click File -> Backup & Email MetaData
        -Close the ThinkAutomation Administrator
        -Open the ThinkAutomation Configuration Manager
        -Stop the Services
        -Click Import Accounts & Triggers
        -Open and then Import the Accounts and Triggers that you emailed yourself a backup of. Also, ensure that the option to Enable ---Accounts After Importing is not ticked.
        -Start Services
        -Open ThinkAutomation Administrator
        -Disabled the Old Account
        -Enabled the new Imported Account

        With the completion of these steps, this should get the metadata file from your TA, then reimport your accounts and triggers from that metadata file in which they're stored. It's pretty much going to re-read the metadata file and pull out data that it's not seeing. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask :)