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Flickering preview HTML email

By isedwinr @isedwinr
    2022-11-11 07:31:09.285Z


    Not a big problem, just to inform:

    Not sure if it's this release but the HTML preview is flickering
    See this recording:



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    1. D
      Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
        2022-11-14 11:26:53.645Z

        Hi Edwin,

        We're unable to replicate this issue I'm afraid.

        If you wish to supply the HTML in use we can test against that but a simple HTML body doesn't seem to trigger the issue?

        1. Iisedwinr @isedwinr
            2022-11-14 11:41:25.566Z

            Ok, I'll send it to you by email

            1. DDaniel Horton @daniel.horton
                2022-11-14 11:46:06.577Z

                I have tested with this document and I am unable to recreate the issue.

                It may be an environment issue with a component. Our advice would be to await the next release and see if this resolves the problem local to your machine.