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5.0.890 - 9th November 2022

By Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
    2022-11-10 09:26:57.761Z


    • Fix: Fixed issue with Create Office 365 Appointment action not replacing the start/end time values if %variable% replacements used.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with Create Outlook MSG File action failing on certain mime text with non standard charset.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with Basic Edition only allowing 4 message sources to be enabled at once instead of 5.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with Call A Soap Web Service action failing if basic authentication was used.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with OLEDB connection strings not handing 'provider=' correctly.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with Wait For User Response action not continuing Automation if Continue On Timeout option enabled.


    • Improvement: The Create Office 365 Appointment action now lists time zones available to the signed-in user in the Time Zone entry (if a %variable% replacement is used for this value then it must be one of the time zones listed).
    • Improvement: You can now adjust the number of message processor tasks that the Message Processor Service starts. The higher the tasks the more Automations can process messages at the same time (but with potential higher memory requirement). See Server Settings - Message Processor tab.
    • Improvement: Added Replace: Regex option to Text Operation action for regex replacements of single or multiple matches from any text.
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