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Message Source Flow in v5

By Robert Wales @rawales2
    2022-10-24 15:59:02.994Z

    Trying to migrate to version 5. In v4 you could have one message source that could then be processed by multiple automations which checked against the subject line to see if they should run. Basically 1 message source could pass to multiple automations.
    Not seeing this ability in v5. Is this achievable?

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    1. I
      isedwinr @isedwinr
        2022-10-24 16:00:36.875Z

        Yes! That would be great(er)!

        1. D
          In reply torawales2:
          Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
            2022-10-26 10:48:14.730Z

            Hi Robert,

            The relationship between a Message Source and an Automation is a one to one relationship - but you can use the initial Automation as a decision tree to many other Automations using the Pass To Automation action type. Our recommendation would be to either use a single Automation with all of the necessary logic within it or to use a decision Automation that routes the message to a follow up Automation(s) using the Conditional Actions of ThinkAutomation..

            Thank you

            1. RRobert Wales @rawales2
                2022-10-26 17:44:16.861Z

                Thanks. I have this setup that way. Interestingly though in the message logs the message does not show up in the automation that ends up processing it. Instead it shows in the log for the primary automation that passes it on. So, I have an automation called "Processor" that the source passes everything to that then routes to further automations. All messages for that message source only show up in the logs for "Processor" and not the downstream automations that it hands off to.

                1. DDaniel Horton @daniel.horton
                    2022-10-27 08:49:32.425Z2022-10-27 09:42:39.637Z

                    After speaking with the development team there are two potential manners to recreate this behaviour within ThinkAutomation V5 that you may have been used to in ThinkAutomation V4.

                    Call Automation - You can untick the option titled Wait for Completion. This would mean that a new version of the message is fully handed to the secondary Automation you are calling and so there is a new message created and held in the target Automation's Message Store.

                    Set Message Store Folder - This action allows you to set the Message Store Folder of the incoming message you are processing within your secondary Automation. That way you can flag it against the particular Automation's folder or even a list of sub folders that better clarify your desired outcome for the message based upon the logic that took place. You can create as many sub folders as you would wish within the Message Store too.

                    1. RRobert Wales @rawales2
                        2022-10-27 12:09:30.873Z

                        Great! I will try that. I am already using the Call Automation so I will take a look at that option. TY!