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5.0.875 - 4th October 2022

By Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
    2022-10-04 15:52:59.835Z


    • New: Added Message Store REST API. See: ThinkAutomation Message Store REST API
    • New: Added HubSpot OAuth type to providers list for OAuth Action.


    • Improvement: The Execute A Database Command action can now execute scalar commands and you can then assign any return value or rows affected to a variable (in addition to return values via stored procedure parameters).
    • Improvement: For Message Sources that use a schedule, you can force the Message Source to check for new messages regardless of the schedule. Right-click a Message Source and select 'Run Now'.
    • Improvement: The Update Excel File action now allows CSV data or a CSV file to be inserted at a specific start row/column. Note: If you simply want to convert a CSV file to an Excel document use the Convert Document action.
    • Improvement: Added %func%:CSVValue(csv,row,col) and %func%:CSVWithHeadersValue(csv,row,col) to inline functions for reading specific row/column values from CSV data.
    • Improvement: Added %func%:Line(value,linenumber) to inline functions for reading a specific line from a value containing multiple lines.
    • Improvement: On If actions the if value is now editable (previously you could only select a variable). This allows if actions such as If abc%order% Equal To 'abc123' Then .
    • Improvement: For database action types you can now select an existing connection string from other actions in the same Solution instead of building/entering the connection string on each action.
    • Improvement: The Cloud Storage action now supports wildcards for downloading files (Eg: /myfiles/docs/*.pdf).
    • Improvement: The Gmail message source now has the option to permanently delete processed messages (or delete and move to the Trash folder).


    • Fix: Fixed issue with Cloud Storage action where the full path was not specified in the Download - - Files entry. Now assumes the selected folder.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with %WeekDayNumber% built-in variable returning the week day name instead of number.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with Twitter message source error if using search term and Exclude Retweets enabled.
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      isedwinr @isedwinr
        2022-10-05 05:13:16.443Z

        Great release! 👍