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Delete Processed Messages GMail

By Eric Andruscavage @Eric9300
    2022-10-03 16:07:25.120Z

    Studio - Message Sources

    There are 2 options - "Move Processed Messages to Folder: TRASH" and "Delete Processed Messages.
    I unseleced "Move Processed Messages" because I wanted the messages to stay in the "CircleK" folder. Today I looked and the "Delete Processed Messages" option was checked.

    1. Could this have happened without user action - i.e. does Studio require that one of these options be selected?
    2. Messages were processed but none of the messages were in the GMail "TRASH" folder. Can Studio delete GMail messages without them going to the TRASH folder? According to Google Help this is possible but requires some "trickery".
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      Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
        2022-10-04 14:01:41.317Z

        Hi there,

        We do not believe there is a manner in which they would alter themselves. We'd need this to be replicated to be able to test it further, so if you do happen to cause it on-demand then please share the steps.

        One element that is problematic here though is that Move to TRASH and Delete should not be combinable options of a configuration for Gmail. Delete fully clears the message from your account where has Move to TRASH moves them to the Trash/Bin folder within your account. Combining the two would be problematic as they would be purged completely instead of just moved to the TRASH folder for future full deletion.

        We will alter the UI so that this combination is not possible.