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Msg_AttachmentCount = 0 but Msg_AttachmentListWithSizes shows at least one csv file

By @glynpalmer
    2022-09-30 01:10:26.164Z

    I'm trying to ProcessAttachments, the Attachment Count = 0 but the list actually shows there is one file "Centreport Site Hourly Report 2022-09-30 to 2022-09-30.csv (1.9KB)"

    Subsequently the attachment does not get processed.

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      Stephen Parker @stephenparker
        2022-09-30 06:57:32.893Z

        The csv attachment is most likely marked as 'inline' in the email. Inline attachments are usually meant for display (like embedded images etc) rather than to show as attached files.

        The %Msg_AttachmentCount% var returns the number of file attachments. The %Msg_AttachmentInlineCount% returns the number of inline attachments. Whereas the %Msg_AttachmentListWithSizes% returns all.

        For the Process Attachments action you can enable the 'Include Inline Attachments' option to include inline.

        Many Thanks