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5.0.870 - 2nd September 2022

By Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
    2022-09-28 15:08:04.610Z


    • The Extract Field action Extract Json Path now allows %variable% replacements to be used on the path.
    • Added Extract: Regex option to Text Operation action for simple regex extraction of single or multiple matches from any text.
    • When using the Automation Editor you can now add commonly used actions to the Favorites group at the top of the Toolbox. Right-click an action in the toolbox to add or remove from favourites.
    • Operations that use HTTP calls will no longer offer SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 as an option for secure connections. Only TLS 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3 will be offered. This should not matter for most users - since the connecting server selects the protocol (not TA). This may improve connections for users with firewalls that use outbound packet inspection.


    • Fix: Fixed issue with Read/Write Text File action showing error if the Make Backup option was enabled.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with incoming messages containing attachments with very long filenames (>150 characters) which would cause the attachments to not save during processing. Attachment filenames will now be truncated if too long.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with FTP upload/download still using passive mode even if the Passive Mode option was disabled.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with Sentiment Analyzer Control Panel showing error after login.
    • Fix: Fixed issue with Update Incoming Office 365 Message action not updating the Category.


    • Improvement: When viewing the message store, the message detail Preview window can now be dragged outside of the Studio window. You can then return to the Explorer tab to view/edit an Automation. This is useful if you need to view a recent message and message automation log whilst editing an Automation.
    • Improvement: When saving an Automation the Studio will now check that all %variables% referenced on all actions have been defined.
    • Improvement: The Import Solution option will now ask if you want to overwrite an existing solution if the solution already exists.
    • Improvement: The Message Sources and Automations explorer view sort order can now be changed.
    • Improvement: The Convert Document To Text action has additional options for PDF to text conversion. The PDF Text Extract Mode option has an additional Keep Positioning Method 2 option which may provide a more accurate human readable plaintext version of the PDF.
    • Improvement: The Twilio Send SMS action now allows you to specify a Messaging Service SID. If a Messaging Service SID is specified then Twilio will send the message using the specified Messaging Service.
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