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Checkboxes to disble an action?

By @matty
    2022-09-23 18:51:47.602Z2022-09-23 19:04:19.039Z

    Hi in TA4 there was the ability to disable an action, are there any plans to bring this back to TA5?

    This was extremely helpful when testing. The workaround I am using now in TA5 is to create an if condition of 0 = 1 (to make it fail on purpose and skip the action) but this requires many more clicks than the simple checkmark that existed in TA4.

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      Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
        2022-09-27 09:02:52.982Z

        Hi Matty,

        There are no plans at the moment as the UI has been changed from what ThinkAutomation V4 was. To enable/disable you need to open the action for V5.