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Lookup From a Database Connection string builder too restrictive

By @matty
    2022-09-22 19:36:03.909Z

    In TA5 The connection string builder requires that I choose a hard-coded provider. In TA4 this was less restrictive. For example a connection string that works fine in TA4 can not be built in TA5 due to the requirement that I choose the "DB2" drop down option. This prints the parameter as "Provider=DB2" in the connection string however the correct parameter in my organization is IBMDADB2.DB2COPY1

    Failed With Error: Failed to open database using connection: provider=DB2;Provider=IBMDADB2.DB2COPY1;Password=;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=;Data Source=;Location=* Connection parameter 'Provider' is duplicated. Parameter name: Provider

    Perhaps you could allow a 'Custom' option in the drop down that would allow free form typing in the provider section?

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