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SSH via key pair Authentication

By isedwinr @isedwinr
    2022-09-10 09:25:24.375Z

    Hello again,

    One of my clients has a Linux server that I need to connect to via SSH to run a "scp" (Secure Copy Protocol) command.

    I think that I can basically use the Secure Shell Command in TA for that, but I don't see an option to use it with Key Pair Authentication, just with a "password" or via "interactive keyboard".
    The Linux server only provides access via SSH with key pair authentication and I can't find any information in the TA Help files or in the forum if this is possible.

    I think I can also make it work via PowerShell in Windows, but then (I've read) need administrator rights to do this. And if I use PowerShell via TA will it have to be that way too? (?)

    So the question is, if the "Secure Shell Command" in TA doesn't support the Key Pair Authentication method, do you recommend to get around this via the "Execute PowerShell " Action or is there maybe another way?

    I have meanwhile installed the Windows OpenSSH client and generated a public and private key, but I don't know how to proceed.

    Maybe it is possible to create a manual authentication method for this as mentioned here for Azure/O365?:
    How to Manually Authenticate with Office365 and Azure Message Sources



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    1. D
      Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
        2022-09-12 08:27:37.992Z

        Hi Edwin,

        That is a feature that isn't part of the product at the moment. I can recommend it to the development team though your idea of using PowerShell may function if it is just Administrator rights that are required. I believe if you run the Message Processor Service as an Administrator under Windows Services then this may assist?

        1. I
          In reply toisedwinr:
          isedwinr @isedwinr
            2022-09-12 09:00:18.091Z

            Hi @daniel.horton,
            Thanks, I'll try to do that.
            I will post my findings here.