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Add category to Community : "Sharing Scripts, Custom Actions"

By isedwinr @isedwinr
    2022-09-10 08:59:42.607Z

    Hello Parker Community administrator....;)

    Can you add a new category to the community forum where TA and TA users can share their custom routines, scripts and Actions?

    See also @mark.carpenter 's question Sharing library routines


    ps. I addressed it like this because I don't know who runs the community forum. I don't have the rights to see the members here:
    So maybe you can pass this on or help @liam?

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      Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
        2022-09-12 09:09:31.669Z

        Hi Edwin,

        The ThinkAutomation Studio already allows for the sharing of Custom Actions/Automations. These then get sent through to our team for validation. We then can upload these the shared library once they pass our checks.

        For the sharing of scripts and similar we will look into creating a separate Category for the community where ideas and scripts can be shared, so keep an eye out for this.