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ThinkAutomation Message Processor and Message Reader

By @enum
    2022-09-06 17:22:02.016Z


    I am having issues with the TA Message Processor and Message Reader Services. They seem to go down every single day and that does not make for very good automation.

    Are there any recommendations for keeping these services running or getting them back running automatically without constant human intervention?

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      Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
        2022-09-07 08:26:04.068Z

        Hi Enum,

        That would not be expected behaviour and would require further knowledge to what is happening with the environment.

        They are general Windows Services and as such can be treated in the same way as any other Windows Service through monitoring tools and recovery processes to restart them. So any off the shelf monitoring tool for servers or similar would work, or even just scheduled tasks within Windows itself to trigger a restart or call a Batch/PowerShell script to recycle them would be possible. These behaviours are well documented throughout the web so there isn't a recommended approach.

        The more important thing though would be to find out why they are stopping. There should be information within the service's own Logs under their designated tab in the Studio. There should be events listed within all of the log pages that correlate to the error period. You can relay and exerts in here and we can review them for you, but it will most likely be an environment problem that is causing them to stop.