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Using inline json inside create json action

By @matty
    2022-09-01 23:22:04.223Z

    Is there a way to make it so that the Create JSON function does not escape double quotes when they are inside an inline function?

    For example I want to set a json value as %func%:JsonValue(Value,"path") but when I update it becomes %func%:JsonValue(Value,\"path\") in the Preview Result and also adds the backslashes to the saved JSON.



    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. D
      Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
        2022-09-02 08:38:14.101Z2022-09-02 09:45:17.604Z

        Hi Matty,

        Thank you for your feedback.

        We have tested this while looking into the issue and found the resolution is to not wrap your path value in quotes. Here is a working example from our tests:

        "employee": {
        "name": "%func%:JsonValue(%Json%,FullName)",
        "salary": 56000,
        "married": true

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        1. M@matty
            2022-09-02 20:07:02.565Z

            Thanks Daniel this works, your help docs indicate the double quotes though.

            1. DDaniel Horton @daniel.horton
                2022-09-06 09:40:31.523Z

                Thank you for letting us know. We've updated the help to make this clearer, they are required if specific circumstances.