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Sending SMS using Twilio Messaging Services

By Chris Bailey @cdbmo
    2022-09-01 21:23:03.336Z

    I've been able to send SMS via Twilio when sending From a valid phone number, however, I am needing to send SMS using Messaging Services (a pool of numbers). To do so via Twilio's API requires you to define the SID of the messaging service when sending the message.

    Is there a method of doing this within TA? Or would this need to be a feature enhancement?

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      Stephen Parker @stephenparker
        2022-09-02 07:11:42.127Z

        Hi Chris,

        We will add an option to the regular Twilio SMS action to use MessageServiceSid instead of a From number. This will be in the next update.

        Note: You can also use the regular HTTP Post action to make a post to any of the Twilio API's.