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Pausing Incoming Source Type :SMTP

By @readar
    2022-08-31 20:43:34.240Z

    Pausing the SMTP source type has no effect, and disabling will just ignore the incoming email. This is probably by design, but it would be nice to be able to pause a source type like this and let the message queue up for when the source is re-enabled.
    Just adding this as a wish list item.

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    1. D
      Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
        2022-09-01 12:18:24.182Z

        Thank you for your feedback Readar. We've put this forward as a potential future feature.

        1. R
          In reply toreadar:
            2022-09-02 21:00:41.388Z

            In addition, it would be nice to be able to use a catch all wildcard , [*] so if something is coming into the smtp server that is hasn't been specifically setup, you could have a notification of some sort. I tried the wildcard option and it overruled the specific email source filters, or would there be a way to do this?