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Set Logging at Solution level

By Mark Carpenter @mark.carpenter
    2022-08-24 12:56:30.964Z

    Some automations need to be set to default logging, but many can be set to minimal in an attempt to speed up the server. I'd like to request that logging be set at the Solution level.

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    1. D
      Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
        2022-08-24 16:06:46.365Z

        Hi Mark,

        You can set the logging level within each automation.

        The approach we recommend is to set the global level to minimal and then to verbose where necessary when the automations of the solution require it.

        1. M
          In reply tomark.carpenter:
          Mark Carpenter @mark.carpenter
            2022-08-24 16:31:36.026Z

            hi Daniel,
            Ya, that's what I'm doing now. Just being a bit lazy perhaps (and less oops I forgot error prone) wanting to avoid setting it verbose in each underlying automation.

            1. D
              In reply tomark.carpenter:
              Daniel Horton @daniel.horton
                2022-08-31 15:11:20.325Z

                Thank you for confirming Mark. Then yes, that is the resolution from the product's side and there are no immediate plans to change it from the solution level.

                1. MMark Carpenter @mark.carpenter
                    2022-08-31 16:10:33.663Z

                    Thank you Daniel for the clarification. No worries, I can certainly proceed!