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Status code: 404 Error help

By Michael Bertoni @mibertoni
    2022-08-11 11:59:56.083Z

    I'm getting an error that seems sporadic and doesn't happen on every message or all the time. the error is "Could not update Office 365 message. Status code: 404" My attachments get processed when this happens and the emails are moved from the inbox to the second folder "Processed" but the emails don't get marked as read. It seems like it is marking the emails as read that is causing the issue. Any ideas on how I can stop these types of errors. We just updated to the latest version that came out on 8/9 so I think that has something to do with it we are running version 5.0.866.2

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      Michael Bertoni @mibertoni
        2022-08-11 16:31:50.656Z

        I think I resolved this by removing a command in our automation to mark email as read. Ideally I'd like to keep this functionality but not at the expense of having errors.