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5.0.860 - 5th July 2022

By Liam @liam
    2022-07-06 12:11:43.274Z

    New Features

    • Added Set Message Store Folder action. Messages in the Message Store can now be organized into sub-folders below the Automation folder.
    • Added Convert Image To Text action to convert image files and attachments to text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
    • For custom C# or Visual Basic scripts, you can now add reference any of the .NET Framework System assemblies via the Add Reference button.


    • Fixed issue with Message Store View Reprocess option sometimes showing an error (even though the reprocess worked).
    • Fixed issue with Office 365 message source reader not resetting if the sync status was cleared during a sync.
    • Fixed issue with Create Document action missing dll error when exporting the document to Word (docx) format.
    • Fixed issue with WYSIWYG html email editor not saving 'mailto:' URL's correctly.


    • The Office 365 Update Incoming Message action now allows the Subject text to be modified.
    • When viewing the Message Store you can now select to view all messages, successfully executed messages only, or messages that generated Automation errors only. You can also filter by message date.
    • Added Windows 11 Light theme to Studio preferences.
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    1. L
      Liam @liam
        2022-07-06 12:18:25.003Z

        This release makes some schema changes.
        ThinkAutomation does this automatically, but if your TA DB user has restricted access to the database the updates may need to be manually executed.
        These are:

        ALTER TABLE MessageStore ADD COLUMN FolderId VARCHAR(24)
        CREATE TABLE Folders(Id CHAR(24) NOT NULL,AutomationId CHAR(24) NOT NULL,SolutionId CHAR(24) NOT NULL,ParentId VARCHAR(24),SourceId VARCHAR(250),Flags INTEGER,Name NVARCHAR(250) NOT NULL,CONSTRAINT PK_Folders PRIMARY KEY (Id))
        1. R
          In reply toliam:
            2022-07-07 16:02:23.113Z

            If I've added a .net system dll to the TA folder so that I could reference it, what will happen after the upgrade? Do the references need to be updated?

            1. LLiam @liam
                2022-07-07 16:30:59.594Z2022-07-14 08:00:13.084Z

                no manually placed DLLs wouldn't be impacted by the update.

              • R
                In reply toliam:
                  2022-07-13 21:34:06.500Z

                  Will there be notes for 5.0.864.2? I see that it's available to install.

                  1. LLiam @liam
                      2022-07-14 07:59:59.268Z

                      These have been added now
                      5.0.864 - 13th July 2022