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TA5 Distributed Setup Message Reader Problem

By Dinesh Velusamy @dvelusamy
    2022-06-22 03:14:38.647Z


    My Distributed setup of TA5 has two message readers and message processors, I have sent 50 emails to test the flow. I have found that both node readers trying to sync the same 50 messages leading to an error when both of the nodes trying to move the message and the wrong message count in the report.

    How to make sure that only one node will read the message from the message source? Do you have any settings to configure it?

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    1. D
      Dinesh Velusamy @dvelusamy
        2022-06-23 03:32:14.408Z

        Hello. Anyone from the Support team can help us to resolve the issue.

        1. L
          In reply todvelusamy:
          Liam @liam
            2022-06-24 13:59:29.968Z

            Hi Dinesh

            ThinkAutomation doesn't support multiple message readers. You can only have one of these running, though it can run from a different machine than the main service.
            Once you've got only one message reader this issue shouldn't occur.
            You can have multiple message processors without issue.

            The distributed setup guidance, for reference: