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Can Message Validation URL or Callback URL contain parameters for subsequent action?

By @matty
    2022-06-16 06:38:53.335Z2022-06-16 06:55:37.216Z


    I have a situation where the program I am using needs to send follow-up information back to the same automation (for further processing) after it has called the local API (and received a return value). I am wondering if I could use either the message validation URL or the callback URL (Wait for Webhook) to do this? In other words, can I pass URL parameters back within the validation URL or callback URL subsequently in the same automation (and then use these parameters to complete more actions) when using a local API as the message source?

    Steps are:

    Call local TA API, return a value to the program, the user responds in the program and then the program makes a subsequent call to a validation URL or webhook callback URL (part of the same TA automation), this call would contain parameters that could be further processed in the current action.

    So far my tests have been unsuccessful so not sure if I'm not doing this correctly or if it is possible.



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      Liam @liam
        2022-06-16 13:01:22.442Z

        it's a little difficult for me to visualise precisely what you are after, but maybe there are some options, but it might be easier to just split this out into multiple sources and maybe multiple automations?
        so first step is to call API 1, this does some work and the result is then pulled into your application.
        The user then does something in your application and clicks submit, then this calls API 2 inside ThinkAutomation.

        If you are using Web forms, rather than the addmessage API then you may be able to use the "Create Web Form Redirect" action to load the secondary web form. I'm fairly sure the web forms could be POSTed to as well, so no direct human interaction of the form is needed, but don't quote me on that.

        I hope this can give you some inspiration even if it isn't exactly what you were looking for.