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5.0.850 - 14th June 2022

By Liam @liam
    2022-06-14 11:19:02.477Z


    • Fixed issue with CRM Actions error message in Studio when connect button clicked in some instances.


    • When selecting a Message Source in the explorer - the Automation assigned to it is moved to the top of the Automations view along with any called Automations.
    • You can now reset the error counts shown in the Studio status bar by right-clicking the Message Source or Automation logs. The error count is also reset if you reprocess any messages or edit an Automation.
    • Added option to Convert Document To Text for PDF to text conversion, to return all text elements along with position and font information as CSV text.
    • The schedule for Message Sources can be be set to every x seconds or hours in addition to minutes.
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